Flickr stats

I totally missed out on this but Flickr now tracks a number of statistics regarding your account at their service. I love these kinds of stats. I accidentally stumbled upon it when viewing one of my recent pictures by clicking the ‘photo stats’ link on the right hand side. These are some of my stats:

Interesting to see that most traffic is coming from the community at Flickr itself. Other remarkable stat is the traffic that my Flickr widget at my personal website at RealMee is driving in the short period of time since the launch of RealMee. I guess a perfect way to learn about someone is through their pictures. Last learning: the low number of clicks generated through the Flickr widget at this blog. What could be the reason behind this finding? Could it be that you are here to read stuff instead of being interested in browsing other items in the sidelines?


  1. Since I read your blog mostly using Google Reader, I don’t get to see your Flickr widget, not even when I click on an article. Maybe other readers do this as well?

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