Tags versus categories

This blog is hosted by WordPress which I think is a very pleasant and useful tool. Their customer support is also top-notch, especially if you realize this is a free tool. They used to offer you the possibility to add categories to a blogpost you had written. I actually thought they meant ‘tags’, which are more like keywords describing the content of a blogpost. But recently, WordPress introduced ‘tags’ as well. I didn’t get it.

Until I read this FAQ-item stating that what they call categories are more like sections. In my case, this could be ‘music’, ‘sports’, ‘realmee’, ‘entrepreneurship’ etc. And when I read further they say they know people used ‘categories’ like ‘tags’, either knowingly or unknowingly. So, I was already tempted to start using the ‘categories’ functionality as well – thinking you could switch ‘categories’ and ‘tags’ easily. Until I saw the last Q&A in this FAQ-item:

“I had a lot of categories. Can I delete those and just use tags from now? What will happen to my existing posts?
You can delete them but all your posts will go into the default category. You will have to edit every post and add back the tags.”

Why don’t they offer people the possibility to change their categories into tags as a one-time action? I didn’t know there was a difference when I started using them in the first place. Would be really appreciated…


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