Remarkable Erykah

Went to see Erykah Badu last Wednesday in Paradiso, Amsterdam. It was, well, how do you say….. inspiring. Not all songs she played did it for me, but there were a lot of highlights like ‘Me’ – album version with Roy Hargrove on trumpet!, ‘The Cell’, and ‘Soldier’, all from her latest album ‘New Amerykah, Part 1 (4th World War)’, and ‘On & On’ from her album ‘Baduizm’. Besides, she brought a lot of energy to the gig, which worked out very well between her and the audience mainly because of her dominant and positive personality. She really fills up the stage. And boy, what a voice.

Check out this song, ‘Soldier‘, from her latest album, at my Tumblr page. And check out a short video I made with my N70 of the song ‘On & On’ although the quality is really poor, apologies for that.

And as always, remarkable things polarize: there are lovers and haters (Dutch only). At least, a show to remember!


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