Smartphone mania

I’m thinking about a new mobile phone instead of my current Nokia N70. In that light, check out this post by Fred Wilson:

So what does all of this tell me? Well for one, the revolution that is being celebrated by and driven by the iPhone enthusiasts is happening all over the mobile world. The phone is a mobile computer connected to the Internet that will be used primarily for data driven apps. And the app ecosystems that develop around the phones will increasingly determine their popularity and their utility. That’s how it always has been in the computer business and that’s how it will be in the mobile business.

My apps:

  1. Calendar
  2. GMail
  3. SMS
  4. Voice – I don’t like it
  5. Photo app Shozu for Flickr
  6. Google Maps

My use of the phone confirms his vision. This would also determine the criteria for the phone that I would like to buy: good browser and a good camera lens. Options:

  1. Is the new iPhone 3G the way to go? I was also thinking about a new iPod classic so this would be a great additional feature. Big advantage is the whole ecosystem of third party apps. A big drawback: the camera lens quality of 2MP and not being able to have multiple apps running in the background although they seem to have something lined up to fix that end of the year. I seem to be able (Dutch only) to get an iPhone right now through the Lost & Found procedure at my current provider T-Mobile but I don’t like the 2-year contract you have to buy.
  2. The Nokia N95 8GB or N96. Killer is the 5MP camera with very good picture qualities.
  3. Or a Blackberry Curve? It seems the photo quality is very good but the biggest drawback is the integrated browser. Buying Opera Mini seems to do the trick. I don’t like the design that much though. Check out Fred’s post and the comments for all the info.
  4. The HTC Touch Diamond? Camera 3.2 MP great, but no need for a qwerti keyboard although they have hidden it nicely. And I’ve seen some rave reviews about the phone here (Dutch only).

And then there is a price argument as well but let’s tackle that later šŸ˜‰ Very interested in your ideas.



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