Apps on the go

It’s taken a while but I have made my choice. I have ordered an iPhone. iphone

The camera kind of sucks, no video – although there is a way around it, I hear mixed reviews about typing because of the lack of non-tactile feedback but….. the applications rock. And it integrates nicely with my media center: it will transfer recorded movies automatically from iMac to iPhone when I enter the living room. Handy when I am going for a trip. Lastly, my iTunes library is shared seemlessly between media center and iPhone.

I thought the Windows based mobiles were a bit too clunky and I don’t need the Qwerti keyboard.

So, what apps do I want when the device arrives in a week or two? These are my favourites so far:

  1. Google Mail/Calendar/Reader
  2. Flickr – photo: not by Flickr itself but nicely done.
  3. Buienradar – weather
  4. WordPress – blogging
  5. Tumblr – microblogging
  6. – streaming music: no coverage in Holland yet but will come eventually.
  7. – news
  8. Qik – video streaming – althought I will have to jailbreak the phone to use this app.
  9. – tethering device – gives you broadband Internet for your PC without needing WiFi. Again, the phone has to be jailbroken.

More suggestions?



  1. My most used apps:
    – Byline: RSS reader, using Google reader account. More intuitive than Google Reader for iPhone
    – Instapaper: whenever you find an interesting article while browsing on your pc, save it in instapaper and it will be available on your iPhone, in an optimaized lay out, very readable.
    – Apple Remote: iTunes remote control, especially when using your mac as a mediacentre
    – Simplify: play your entire iTunes library, wherever you are


  2. Stijn, thanks for the tips! And indeed, I heard about the remote before. Forgot about it. Cool.

    BTW I stopped using Instapaper because of the new Note function in Reader which basically does the same. Do you have experience with both tools?

  3. Evernote: notetaking, video notes/photo’s both on PC/Ma & iPhone. Seamless integration
    Bloomberg 🙂
    Google Voice Search
    Fring: skype, MSN, ICQ, Googletalk, AIM, twitter and more from within one application
    FileInfo: very helpfull if you often travel by car in .NL

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