What is the worth of Hyves?

Read this article at Nu.nl (Dutch only). It cites a study by internet security company GData that reveils that cyber criminals a.k.a. spammers are using social networks such as Hyves, Facebook and LinkedIn more and more to gather private information about users. It seems that 500 Mb of user data is worth 40 euro.

Which made me think… One Mb equals 1,000,000 bits which equals 125 kB. Suppose an average Hyves profile contains about 50 kB of user info in plain text. This means that 500 Mb of data is generated by approx. 1000 Hyves profiles. Yme stated that Hyves currently has 7.5 million users. This implies a valuation of Hyves of 7500 * 40 = 300,000 euro.


So, if they ever go public, don’t let those investment bankers fool you 😉


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