Time to move on

I started blogging on a corporate blog mid 2004 when I was still at Lost Boys. We used Blogger so when I started my personal blog a few months later I chose Blogger again. I think it was around 2006 when I moved to WordPress because Blogger was not innovating it’s product anymore and WordPress really impressed me with the functionalities and ease of use. And they still do until this very day.

But yet…. I seem to view this blog and the tool used to make it – the WordPress environment – as an environment that is perfectly suited for creating long-form text-based posts.  Fact is that I don’t seem to be able to find the time to create long posts on a frequent basis anymore. And that results in “a World According to Carp” that is rather dead. And it sure isn’t!

I still have ideas and stuff I like to share but I seem to have moved on to other places and tools on the Web. I am a moderate user of Twitter, photoblog using Flickr etc. but looking back the real World According to Carp has moved to Tumblr.

I already wrote about it in December 2007, and what I really like about it is the simplicity of the tool, for example the browser bookmarklet in FireFox which I often use to select text quotes that are instantly posted to my Tumblog. It supports multiple forms of content – you can post audio, video, text etc. very easily. It is also a tool which I can use in different contexts, for example on my iPhone with an app that rocks and that lets me post anything from my phone to my blog. Just last week a Tumblr app was released for Boxee which enables me to watch photo’s and listen to music from the people I follow on Tumblr. Which brings me to the last point why I love Tumblr. The community of people within Tumblr that I can follow within the Tumblr editor is awesome.

In the line of something Clay Shirky said, Tumblr lowered the costs and difficulty of publishing big time. Just look at the frequency of my posts at Tumblr compared to the frequency of posts at my WordPress blog and notice the effects it has had on me. Therefore, it is time to move the World According to Carp over to Tumblr. You can expect a lot of short-form posts, ideas, snippets and the occasional longer post like I did at WordPress. As soon as Tumblr adds the functionality to import content from other blogs I will do so and delete this blog.

I will still use WordPress for our RealMee company blog in Dutch and English – and wish the WordPress team all the best in bringing their amazing platform forward.


One final remark. The most fun part of having a blog like this are your comments. If you enjoyed reading and commenting on it as well and are using a feed reader you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed over here. I will add a commenting system to my Tumblog during the coming days.

See you on the other side!


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