And heeeeiiissssssss back!

To start off with the conclusion: I’m back. What? Yes, I’m back. So, you wrote this longish post to convince me that Tumblr rocks etc. and now you’re quitting it in favour of WordPress? Yes.


Why? To make a long answer short, a lot of people get scared of the idea but I actually want my history to follow me. And I couldn’t fight all the Google juice my blog at WordPress has built up over the last 5 years. Google juice? Yes, the number of links from other highly influential sites to my blog causing my WordPress blog to show up high in the Google results. Something my Tumblr blog is lacking and would take a long time to built up. Quite elementary but something I overlooked when making the switch to Tumblr. My WordPress blog will live under in a few days.

So although I really, really love Tumblr I’m killing it as soon as I find a way to import the content into WordPress – ideas anyone? this one isn’t working. The one thing I am going to miss most is the Disqus commenting system. Awesome tool.

Anyways, here we go again!



  1. Hi George,

    To be honest: I found the image somewhere via Google and didn’t check with the rights holder because I couldn’t find a name.

    But my guess is that your use case wouldn’t be a problem!


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