Discovered the album Focus by Stan Getz, recorded in ‘61. The opener with Roy Haynes is spectacular but the sound on the second track ‘Her’ is enchanting and sent shivers down my spine. Getz supposedly said it was his favourite album


Short but excellent documentary by Johan van der Keuken showing rare footage of Ben Webster in Amsterdam in 1967. He lived in Holland for four years.

Hero of the documentary? Ms. Hartlooper, his landlord from the Rivierenbuurt area in Amsterdam (see around 10’):

Ben, voordat you out geht, you eerst eten, manger?

And that sound from his horn in the ending shot… Pfff.

Via @tombekistan

Zo groots en technisch ongeëvenaard als hij is in zijn performance, zo bescheiden, zachtaardig en introvert is hij als persoon. In de muziek valt werkelijk geen greintje ego te bekennen. Dat maakt hem ook sympathiek: hij speelt met overgave en plezier.

Being without self… Dutch saxophone maestro tombekistan describing sax virtuoso Chris Potter. Tom’s blog is a joy to read for anyone interested in music.



Paranoid Android (live)— Brad Mehldau

I like the story this tells.

Wow, what a take on Radiohead’s original.