Morgan Maassen on Vimeo via Arthur from Eyeforce


There’s nary a video in sight, and — at the risking of sounding like a complete fool given its huge acquisition price — I find Mint’s 20+ pages outlining its feature set and why people should use the service to be positively daunting. Twitter’s page doesn’t include a video (though I think it badly needs one). And Facebook just says that it’s a service that “helps you connect and share with the people in your life”, which would set my bullshit meter off the charts if it appeared in any startup pitch.

Jason Kincaid at TechCrunch talking about the underutilized power of a video demo

The future of online video ads?

YouTube is rolling out in-video ads that work as an overlay that take up about 20% of the screen for a few seconds. If a user doesn’t click on them they will minimize to an icon. Apparently the test results were pretty good. I watched some of the videos mentioned at the bottom of this article but didn’t see them. What am I missing?! Anyways, intuitively I say it’s a less intrusive way of advertising than pre- and post rolls or ads placed around the video.

BTW for a funny but AND true story about what isn’t the future of video advertising read this one by Umair Haque.


A PVR for dodos

Time Warner Cable is introducing a fee-less centralized digital video recorder service without fast-forwarding and ad-skipping functionality.

“It will be interesting to see if TWC customers give up their DVRs for such services (which have no additional monthly fee), or if Time Warner Cable users reject the idea because of their desire to avoid advertisements”.

I wouldn’t even watch the commercials if you paid me for it – so what do they think? What a stupid idea.

Om Malik compares TWC with a dodo. Nice.